Friday, April 14, 2017

Toofaced white chocolate chip palette dupe

Hello hello, on this chilly good friday, I'm coming to you with a little first impressions, swatchy swatch and a dupe alert of the Toofaced eye shadow palette which is the much talked about, the white chocolate chip palette, I won this from bright somethings on instagram this week which I was super excited about, as you can imagine. I have a few palettes from toofaced now, so I was happy to add this to the little collection.
so my comparison dupe alert is the maybelline rose nudes palette and its because there are quite alot of similar shades in the palette and when swatched they do look, very similar. When on sale the maybelline can be found for $10 it does however retail for approx $25 aus full priced but it is often on sale.
Its a very light and airy sort of palette but it is pigmented and buttery smooth, not chalky or hard to blend out. None of the shades are patchy and they wear on my eye lides really well and and the shimmer shades are really pretty.
These are swatches of both palettes toofaced being the top swatches and maybelline being the bottom swatch

But the toofaced palette is what I am most excited about and the shades include are named on the back as followed.
Pearl Candy
Rasberry Rose which is a reproduce as it is re brought out from the toofaced chocolate shop eye shadow palette which I thougbt was interesting.
Gult free
Cake batter
Cookie Dough another reproduce from the toofaced joy to the girls eye shadow palette
Sugared raisin another reproduce from the toofaced joy to the girls eye shadow palette
Black sugar

The palettes here are both similar in size, but the maybelline is obviously bigger, with 12 shades and the toofaced one being smaller with 11 but much smaller pans. Yes you are getting higher quality shadows but I do find the maybelline palette is more pigmented in this instance. But its all in personal preference and what you are looking for in a palette..
So last year there was all this drama with the toofaced palette and I'm glad I live in Australia because I don't think there was such drama when it was released, But I could be mistaken as I do live with my head in the sand quite a bit.
so the shades are just as pastel inspired as the toofaced and shimmery themed in my opinion and I really do think you could pull off the exact same eye looks within the same eyeshadow palettes.

so the maybelline palette retails full price here in Australia for $25 but can often be found on sale for $10 and the toofaced palette is $37 here in Australia.

What do you think of this dupe comparison of mine?

Happy Easter!


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